Factors 2023

Factors Tipping the Balance in 2023

With 11 months on the horizon, investors and traders are beginning to define their strategies in order to have a positive year that helps to forget the cold scenario of recent times. However, to obtain the best possible results in 2023, it is worth paying attention to a number of factors. In the following article we will explain everything you need to know about it.

Online investments have ceased to be a phenomenon to become an increasingly present reality in people’s daily lives. While many people think about whether it is possible to make a living from trading, others decide to complement their formal jobs with investments that help to obtain more returns and, at the same time, protect the value of their savings. The development of increasingly complete and complex Fintech such as Crypto Swiss Hub favors this to happen.

Now, what factors should we especially consider before making any movement during this 2023? Specialists and analysts agree that one must tread carefully in some aspects, since the year shows signs of uncertainty and volatility that come from the times of the pandemic and the beginning of the conflict in Russia.

That is why below we will list the most important issues that must be reviewed today before operating online, in order to guarantee the best possible experience in our operations. Have you thought of any of them before?

Devaluation: to operate in markets such as cryptocurrencies, for example, we must always closely monitor the devaluation or appreciation of Bitcoin (BTC).

After all, many Central Banks and organizations are regulating and readjusting their monetary policies after the end of the pandemic, which is why many analysts agree that each official announcement should be followed with special attention by investors: the strength of a currency it can mean a great market opportunity.

Inflation: in the same line as the previous point, inflation is one of the factors that is doing the most damage today. The inflation data in the USA and the European Union are not entirely positive, so it is essential to look closely at the evolution of prices before operating.

In addition, inflation is one of those economic factors that directly impact savings and purchasing power. Many agree that it was the initial kick that led to their decision to start investing online. The higher the inflation, the greater the investor’s responsiveness must be.

Exit from Covid-19: although it can be said that the worst of the pandemic is long behind us, outbreaks and mutations of the virus popularly known as Coronavirus should not be ruled out. A new global wave can change the global financial landscape overnight. This time, we can count on the experience of what happened just three years ago when the series of infections began.

Russia vs. Ukraine: finally, the progress of the war or its cessation is also a scenario to follow before investing. The confrontation has lasted longer than expected, so the consequences are still not entirely clear. Before investing, you should always take into account what is happening in the field of geopolitics.

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