Crypto Swiss Hub fundamental and value trading strategy ideas. New financial research papers that can be utilized to create profitable trading strategies.

Liquidity Providers Crypto Liquidity Providers Liquidity plays a major role in attracting traders and investors. The ability to exchange an asset for cash quickly and participate in efficient markets reduce direct and indirect transaction costs. Thus, choosing a top liquidity provider is an important task. Why does crypto business need a crypto liquidity provider? Having...
OpenBB OpenBB: OpenSource Competing Against Bloomberg OpenBB , Anyone who has worked in the financial services industry will be familiar with the Bloomberg platform. A research, data and analysis terminal used to obtain real-time information on the financial markets. The Bloomberg terminal has become something of an industry standard, used by more than 300,000 people...
Tired Of loosing Money? Tired of losing money in crypto? Here are 2 reasons why retail investors always lose money. A majority of “traders” losing money end up being losers with empty portfolios. Here is exactly why. A quick flick through Twitter, any social media investing club, or investing-themed Reddit will quickly allow one to...
Market Making
Market Making Effective Market Making Strategies What is market making? Market making is a trading method usually deployed by large firms to provide liquidity to different markets. However, we will only focus on the retail version of market making. The concept in market making is consistently providing liquidity in the market and hoping to sell...
High Frequency Trading
High Frequency Trading What is High Frequency Trading ? High frequency trading has become a buzz word in the recent years in the trading world. However, it is not much more than placing large number of trades in a short period of time. Of course, with a focus on high win rate. High frequency trading...
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